TPRA Scholarship program

The Tennessee State Park Rangers Association believes that promoting and fostering job related training is tantamount to helping develop the highly skilled Park Rangers of the future and maintains our reputation as one of the best state parks systems in the country. As such, T.P.R.A. helps cultivate tomorrow’s leaders with a scholarship program that encourages and supports appropriate educational opportunities and allows recipients to cultivate relationships with today’s leaders in the field.


To provide financial support to Tennessee State Park Rangers, Managers, and other commissioned staff to attend various training opportunities that the department does not fund.


Full Time Tennessee State Park Rangers, Managers, and other commissioned staff who are current members of the Tennessee State Park Rangers Association. Anyone receiving a scholarship must have also worked a T.P.R.A. event such as the Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee (BRAT), Byrd Creek Trail Run, Savage Gulf Marathon, or the Horton 100 (Spring BRAT) within three (3) years prior to applying for the scholarship.

***Dues must be paid by April 1st each calendar year***


Training classes, workshops, and conferences in the fields of resource management, law enforcement, search & rescue, medical, interpretation, and leadership development etc. EMT certification and online courses are not accepted.


The TPRA Scholarship Committee will review each application and decide how much support they can offer for each individual scholarship. There is no longer a cap on the amount of support offered, however, the committee will have to evaluate the amount of money in the scholarship account at the time the application is submitted before making its offer of support.


A scholarship committee made up of seven members reviews each application for relevance and feasibility. The committee then votes on each individual request. The committee chairman (currently Keith Wimberley) will notify the applicant of the decision made by the committee. The number of scholarships that may be awarded will be based on the scholarship account balance. The TPRA-treasurer and scholarship committee chairman will keep detailed records of the amount of funds available in the account and the amount of scholarships awarded.

Other Selection Criteria (Submitted in application below):

-A clear and compelling statement of career goals related to our profession.
-Degree that the scholarship will help the person achieve their career goals.
-Extent of other contributing financial support or in-kind contributions from other sources (e.g. T.S.P, university, personal, third party organizations).
-Degree that the requested financial support is appropriate and reasonable.


The applicant must pay for training out of pocket in most cases and will be reimbursed by T.P.R.A only after attending the training and submitting receipts to the scholarship committee chairman. Recipient will be expected to attend and participate in the training,  that was awarded, submit a synopsis of the training afterward with receipts and agree to be recognized during the following in-service.


APPLICATION:  Please provide the following contact information and answer all questions as thoroughly as possible.