About Us

HORSE2eOur Mission:

To promote professionalism and raise hiring standards, improve communications, upgrade working conditions, support and participate in active training programs, and champion common concerns among the members of the Tennessee Park Rangers Association and those individuals representing Tennessee State Park.

Our Vision:

As a service to the membership, TPRA promotes the highest standards and expertise in the profession; clearly communicates its actions; provides an avenue for open communications and timely feedback; always supports and recognizes significant events of its members; and acts on common concerns.



Code of Ethics:

Park professionals as members of the Tennessee Park Rangers Association shall be dedicated to preserving prime examples of Tennessee natural and cultural heritage and to providing quality recreational experiences to the people of Tennessee. To exemplify this dedication, members shall be guided by the following principles:
Constantly strive to identify and preserve current and future park values.
Respect people as individuals and willingly serve them impartially.
Through self-discipline, develop individual competence in order to represent the park profession in a manner that brings credit to themselves and all other members of the profession.
Accept the moral responsibility for the safety and well-being of the park visitor.
Promote the future of the Park and Recreation profession by inspiring promising young people to prepare for it.
Establish close working relationships with allied professions and citizen groups to meet the recreation and park needs of the people of Tennessee and strive to influence future improvement of total environment.
Actively promote the purpose and objectives of the Association.

Constitution Download Here (revised 2007 .pdf)


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